Welcome to a place where we can remember our magnificence!


To me, it seems most of us are afraid to even imagine ourselves as great beings much less to be brave enough to acknowledge and embrace that Remembrance.


 I believe we are all infinitely more than we have imagined so I offer songs that can remind us of our personal power and inspire us to be all we can be.


When we remember who we really are, everything in life changes.

Our perceptions of the world and those around us are transformed.


When we accept ourselves we can accept others as powerful creators and decide to replace our dramas with self-love, tolerance and compassion.  Then we automatically reconnect with others and truly appreciate being who and where we are in this moment.  That's what it means to Love.

Finally, we can begin truly enjoying Life and experience the power and glory of being who we have always been.


Marvin Glenn


Marvin Glenn



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