As a young child, I was guided into organized, fundamental religion and lived for many years in belief systems based on fear.  Eventually I broke free and returned to me and my own heart where I discovered my profound Divinity and Love of Life.  Over the years I have grown to embrace and trust these remembrances of Who I am.

From this solid foundation of personal worth I soon discovered there also existed a shadowy place in me where monsters lived and secretly directed my life in so many ways.  It took time and the support of my loving wife and friends before I was able to stand in the presence of these inner "demons", look squarely at them, call their bluff and finally give them what they had always wanted:  my love.  After all, they are my children who I created by my reactions to my life circumstances. They only wanted my acceptance and sincere appreciation for the capabilities they gave me, such as, the ability to actually stand up and share my heart with people through song, the ability to empathize with others because of the pain I had caused myself, and freedom from compulsions and addictions that ruled me for years.

Now I love myself wholly and completely.  And, because of that, I am able to also love everyone else and all of creation.  It's called compassion.

For me now, Life is all about Adventure!  Adventures into myself, into relationships, into exploring the world and Nature and into the Great Secret of who we are, why we're here and where we're going.  It's all One Big Adventure!  There's nothing to fear because we are infinite and eternal.  We are not our bodies so we cannot be truly damaged in any way!

My songs come from the place in me where these remembrances abide: my Heart.  I create my life with my reactions (from my mind) or with my responses (from my heart).  I no longer see myself as a victim; there's no need for forgiveness because, at a grander level of my being, I am the cause of everything in my life.  Yes, I am that powerful!  And so are you.

So now I can admire the Infinite Beingness of us all.  More and more, I'm trusting Life.  I'm starting to appreciate the largeness of Who we really are.  And to be thankful.  I hope my songs remind you of your connection to your Infinite Self and inspire you to consciously live with It in your own intimate and magical relationship from this day on.

Marvin Glenn

Marvin Glenn



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