“Marvin is a true Bard for our times. Engaging his audience with his powerful voice and open heart, Marvin brings to light the importance of loving our Selves and loving others through the meaningful and timely messages of his lyrics. 

“Marvin is a man of words & music. His voice takes others away to new resonance with Marvin's vision. A man of heart and talent.”

“Marvin is a talented singer and songwriter, capable of uplifting our spirits through music. His highly conscious lyrics and melodies are unique and heartwarming. Certain songs stay with me for days.....lifting my soul!”

If you want a smile on your lips, if you want healing words for your mind and emotions, if you want to be lifted up rather than brought down, I so very sincerely recommend this album of songs by Marvin Glenn! I've recognized, as I've listened to each of the songs on Marvin's albums, he has a rare gift from God . . . a gift to encourage and relax . . . and to take the frowns of this world away from one's face. So, tap your foot, smile and, yes, sing along! I know you'll enjoy these songs as much as I do.


These songs are uplifting and relaxing at the same time.  Such a pleasure to listen to!
Marte P.  Idaho

Marvin Glenn



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