This album offers uplifting songs exhorting and encouraging us to be masters of our lives and to, once again, remember who we really are. 

This album of original, fully-orchestrated songs is tender,romantic, inspiring and uplifting. The songs kindle within us the passion we each have for experiencing and expressing "I Am Love".

These songs challenge some of our mistaken beliefs about ourselves and our abilities to create our own lives.  They can empower you to take charge of your thoughts and actions and, thereby, become more conscious and kind to others.

These beautifully melodic songs explore and express the Joy, Love and Wisdom we all have in our hearts.

GIVE the children in your life happy, sing-along songs that help build self-love, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and gratitude.  These songs are wonderful for children ages 3 - 9 years.

This quiet solo piano album of tenderly-performed songs offers you a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of melodies inspired by the glories of nature.  Recommended for soothing your tensions and regaining your serenity.  A great traveling companion!

These are uplifting, encouraging and transformational songs pointing the way to true happiness.  Marvin's gentle baritone voice is accompanied by beautiful orchestrations.

May these fully-orchestrated, original compositions by Marvin Glenn be used to enhance your films and videos.  For you who are not creating such, may the music help you relax into your inner peace and inspire you to dream your highest dreams and manifest your heart's desires for your life.

Get ready to experience yourself as powerful and loving.   Get ready for moving rhythms and cutting-edge lyrics calling you to be all you can be at this momentous time for humanity.  These songs can inspire you to express your truth and personal power from your heart without worrying so much about what others may think.  Enjoy the new feeling of freedom of expression!  The ripple effect you cause will touch many lives for the better.

This solo piano album of original Marvin Glenn tunes is meant to lift you out of your hectic day and into a place of quiet relaxation and to remind you of your own inner peace.

Marvin Glenn



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