Piano Peace

by Marvin Glenn

Released 2015
Released 2015
This solo piano album of original Marvin Glenn compositions is designed to lead you gently from your place of stress into a quiet place of inner relaxation. Great music for romantic dining or serenity while driving.
My music is inspired by my life experiences with people and the majesty of nature. I express my inner peace and my mental quiet through my music. My joy is always available and cannot but smile through the harmonies and melodies of these songs. The music of Rachmaninoff influences my melodies with its passion and romance. I want to touch your emotions and your heart so you experience your true self; the one who knows how to live and love and how to let others do the same. Don't be surprised if you find yourself unexpectedly humming these tunes and lifting yourself to higher places than you're used to. I certainly hope you do because that's what happens to me and it's wonderful!

Marvin Glenn



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