by Marvin Glenn

Released 2015
Released 2015
The songs on this album are designed to end the trance we've all been in for thousands of years. Shocking to our belief systems but nurturing to our souls, each one is founded in the Love that is the heart of all creation.
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My early childhood was a pleasant mixture of family, friends and play. During my teen years the ideas of religion captivated my thinking and I pursued them as far as I could in my drive to understand my relation to the universe and others around me. This path through organized religion brought me to the realization that I was not improved as a person and my spiritual life was not as rich as I had hoped. I was still self-righteous and felt myself to be superior to others who didn't share my religious beliefs. I was continuing on my path feeling no real connection to others and seldom related to them with compassion or empathy.

Because of this personal realization that, for me, religion simply didn't work, I opened to other possibilities, other perceptions and new ideas about myself and spirituality and my place in the scheme of things. This openness allowed Life to lead me and teach me things that now I realize I have always known but had simply forgotten.

You see, by coming to this beautiful planet it seems we agree to forget our magnificence so we can know the fun and joy of experiencing ourselves in relationships. Here we relate to everything and everyone. Everything is relative! If we knew we are gods incarnate, the game would be impossible. We would automatically see through our illusions and be terribly bored during our time here.

So now, because I know who I have always been (an infinite and eternal being) I write songs from that remembrance. I now see myself as a whole being, i.e. my shadow and my light. I no longer fear my shadow but rather see it as the wounded little boy I am and embrace it as a valuable part of me. When I accept and love it without judgment, I'm also loving and accepting the power it gives me to be my complete self. To me, this is spiritual integrity; Being wholly-connected deeply and solidly with myself.

The Game continues but now it's much more fun because I'm aware it's only a game and has only as much reality as I give it. I'm never bored because I've returned to my personal power as a creator and can consciously choose to be the person I want to be. It's because I'm now connected to my whole self that I am no longer separate from you or anyone else. Because I am working to stay honest with myself and embrace my shadow, I am finally beginning to be consistently compassionate toward my fellow human beings. It's been a long process of remembering but, for me, this approach to my life is working and I am now sharing my remembrances with you just in case you also are now ready to return to the remembrance of your own magnificent Self.

Marvin Glenn

Marvin Glenn



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