The only way to be happy is to remember how connected we are to our Source and to every other part of creation.  This Unity is the only true Love there is.  It is also our natural, unchangeable essence.  So, when we stop judging ourselves and all others as being "not good enough" and start giving our love to ourselves and all others, we are automatically happy because happiness is Who we are!  The love we send out returns to us magnified.  This is a universal law or truth.

The one absolute necessity for my own peace-of-mind in relation to others is acceptance without judgment. If I don't make the other person "wrong", I have no reason to be upset with them.

Since earliest childhood, most of us are taught by our parents, teachers and clergy what is "right" and "wrong" and/or "good" and "bad".  So we always felt judged by one person or another.  These judgments we meant to keep us in line with what others wanted and to take us away from our true passions and creativity.  Because we were judged, we believed it was OK to judge others and we created emotional prisons for each other. 

Well, it's time for us to free ourselves, if we choose, to be who we have always been by discarding our labels and limitations and allowing ourselves and all others the freedom to be however we choose to be as long as no one is injured or restricted. 

There's something to consider.

"A rock, left on the ground, has no weight." Ram Tzu

By the way, if you think a rock isn't alive, you may want to consider this: The universe, and everything within it, is consciousness which is the same as energy.  I like to think of rocks as the essence of patience and surrender.  They, like trees, are content be still and let life work it's magic on them.  They trust Life.  They are good models for me

Reaction is just that;  an action I have taken before.  When I “re-act” what I do is assess the incoming data, search my memory banks for the same or nearly the same experience, and act the way I did before.  This is all the work of my reptile (survive at all cost) brain, not my heart”.

The heart moves the "c" in reaction to the front and changes it into "creation".   The heart always creates something new in the present moment.  It does this because it's so much fun to be alive right now! So the way for me to be creative in this moment is to consciously temporarily freeze my mind and give my heart a chance to guide me with its wisdom. 



Marvin Glenn



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