From the recording I Am The Power

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Humanity, Get Off Your Knees!
Marvin Glenn 2019

1st Verse

Lost generations roaming the earth, lost in the matrix feeling no worth
Infinite Beings prisoners all, lost in illusions, feeling so small.
Living as victims day after day. Giving and giving our power away.
So many lifetimes trembling in fright, Now we remember we are the Light.
2nd Verse
Wolves in sheep clothing, parasites mean making us trust in fake gods unseen.
Nothing around us is as it seems. We have the power to end this bad dream.
So much deception leading us on. Deep in our hearts we know something's wrong.
Following teachings leading to grief. Only way out is release belief.
3rd Verse
Slaves never knowing we are not free. Thinking we're being all we can be.
Following shepherds, sheep 'til the end. Bowing to masters time and again.
Mighty creators blinded and bossed, we are reclaiming our sov'reignty lost.
Soaring with eagles, children no more. Walking as lions, no hear us roar!

Humanity, Get Off Your Knees. There is no god we need to please.
We are the power! We are the truth!
Humanity, get off your knees!
Humanity, get off your knees! It's not our place to beg and plead.
Fear not your power, embrace it all.
Humanity, get off your knees!