What On Earth Is Happening?

If we escape, even briefly, from the captivation of our own personal dramas and troubles, so many of us become aware of the struggle our beloved Mother Earth and her humanity are experiencing in this monumental moment of transition for our species.  Many of us have become acutely aware of our emotions and feelings of fear, confusion, personal insignificance and of our accepted societal programs of weakness, anger, frustration and deep, deep sadness.

Consider with me, for a moment if you will, the possibility that we great beings, who are now walking on earth inside our space suits called bodies, are creating everything for a reason. Please, just for a moment, let the thought of that possibility do, in you, whatever it does and simply be aware.

Could it be possible that we, who have been taught so well to behave, “fit in”, “stop rocking the boat”, “stop excelling”, “stop asking questions”, “stop dancing”, “be quiet” and “believe what we tell you”, have allowed ourselves to experience these suppressions of our liberties and freedom of expression for a reason? To explore this question, I invite you to walk with me for a moment into the mist of memory. We’ll hold each other’s hands and summon our bravery together  for to remember is to know and knowledge is, as you know, power.

Long, long ago in a place beyond time and space there were a group of beings who knew how creation works and fits together. Through no fault of their own, they became bored with their routine lives of uninterrupted joy and peace. They thought to themselves that the only way to really know who they were, that is, to know and feel their true power and wisdom and love was to go to a place where those things did not exist and then experience themselves in relation to that kind of place. They looked around for a while and were surprised that there was no place to be found where love, peace, joy and compassion were not abundant. 

It was an especially inspired moment when the bright idea of doing something quite radical but, at the same time very exciting, suddenly appeared. The more they thought about it the more excited they became so, to hold the idea inert within their minds became unbearable! They all decided together to simply use their powers of creation to bring that dark and challenging place into existence. This place we know as Earth.

They were already aware of their wisdom and powerful creative abilities so they also knew it would take a truly magnificent illusion to create anywhere near the challenge they needed for their adventure. “We need adversaries!” someone cried; “Beings who can deceive us into believing we are insignificant and weak. Good friends who are willing to help us create our dramas and feel human emotions like fear, confusion, sadness, etc.” So they began looking around for friends who could help them and, my, my, did they find them; friends with great love and time on their hands but also an immense desire to serve Life. Upon seeing the need, their mighty friends, eagerly and all together, yelled, “Let us! We’ll play with you and give you the best we can imagine to help you create your emotional, human experiences!”


So, contracts were immediately drawn up and signed by all. The deal was sealed and the stage was set for the greatest drama the universe has ever known.

The adventure began quite slowly at first because there was no hurry. They were all immortal beings and they knew it. After a short while on earth, though, it became obvious they were not having much fun because they knew who they were and they knew where they came from so every time something happened that was supposed to be challenging, they immediately knew it was just an illusory deception and either ignored it or easily managed it without feeling those things called emotions. But, emotions were what they came to feel; Human emotions; Real challenges to their personal powers of creation and love (unity).

So it was that another brainstorm was necessary and out of that maelstrom of thought and desire popped the answer! Amnesia! “Wow, if we can forget, for a while, who we are and what we can create, maybe we can really enjoy living here on earth by striving to re-discover and finally remember ourselves all over again!” It was easy to agree on this idea.  Everyone felt a thrilling exhilaration at the thought of playing a completely new game on their small, remote planet in the middle of nowhere.

So continued their foray into the deepest darkness and it’s dungeons of despair and degradation of spirit. Together, with their helpful friends, they created a place with the most difficult and overwhelming challenges they could imagine.

Things went along for a long while, as things have a tendency to do, and everyone was having and creating their unforgettable experiences with unbounded freedom. Or so they thought. There came a time, in this place of time/space, when the slowly tightening restrictions placed on their liberties as creators became impossible to ignore. In fact, it actually began to feel like they were living on a prison planet with nowhere to go and no one to help them escape. Life seemed so sad and dangerous. Hope seemed to disappear. The Divine Power in their hearts was forgotten along with their ancient understandings of how and why things were the way they were.

Because Life is what Life is, their story continues in a most wonderful way. Life always remembers It’s own. Life always cares so Life allowed the desperation of their circumstances to increase and increase until they finally were forced to finally turn to the forgotten Wisdom in their hearts. This, the ultimate power in each of them, was finally able to burst forth into their individual worlds and then into their external world and cause them to remember all they had chosen to forget. They could no longer hide from the truth of their situation and their world being dominated by their so-called “enemies”. They became aware of themselves as occupiers of body/mind computers that had been effectively hacked and then programmed into belief systems and ill health that caused them to behave toward one another in ways of separation and division that are absolutely contrary to who and what they really were.

During this wakeup time a magnificent, glorious day dawned on their world; a world buoyant with personal and collective liberty and freedom of thought and action. Everyone remembered who they are and could express no other way of being than love with themselves, all others and toward their home, Mother Earth. The adventure seemed to be over and most chose to return to their original homes in the myriad dimensions of the cosmos.

However, the adventure was far from being complete. To their utter surprise, they all discovered Life began revealing a new and exhilarating path: A new chapter was waiting to be written by these creator-gods who had endured their trials on the pale blue dot on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. A new and powerful Will began moving through them as they returned home. This new Will presented Itself as a desire to serve all of Life in far grander and more compassionate and loving ways than ever before.

Appearing in their minds were visions of new worlds to create and old worlds to free from the darkness of ignorance and control. And, for the first time, they realized the magnificence of what the eons of living on earth had created in them: The height and the depth of all of their positive nature had expanded and blossomed and they felt it. They were more of everything good and constructive than they had ever been before their adventure. They smiled at what they now felt in themselves. They smiled a lot! They had been creators of experiences but now they had become creators of worlds.

Because they are so wise and knowing, it quickly became obvious that the many lifetimes of exercising their wills and intuition and compassion had been just that; exercise. And what happens when we exercise? We get stronger and more flexible! Such a basic principle but, when applied by Life to us Great Ones, we also cannot help but grow and expand our strength and beings in every direction. In case you haven’t noticed, you are one of those Great Ones. Yes. You are. Let none of your earthly programming tell you otherwise. Let It Not! You are invited to go forward from this moment with Joy and Peace by remembering Who you are and Where you came from. Your future, and that of all humanity, is the brightest ever to be created! (So far!)


Marvin Glenn


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A good way to be happy.

One powerful way to be happy is to remember how connected we are to our Source and to every other part of creation.  This Unity is the only true Love there is.  It is also our natural, unchangeable essence.  So, when we stop judging ourselves and all others as being "not good enough" and start loving ourselves and all others, we are automatically happy because happiness is Who we are!  The love we send out returns to us magnified.  This is a universal law or truth.

A note on judgment