From the recording I Am The Power

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by Marvin Glenn

1st Verse
Blinded by the Matrix, hungry were my eyes.
Everywhere I looked for truth, all I found were lies.
Dogmas and deception played me like a fool.
Tossed around by every wave, anger was my rule.
Weak and small, afraid to try, thought I'd never fly.
But now my Eagle spreads its wings and flies,
Oh yes it flies!

2nd Verse
Ages full of anger, eons full of tears
Brought me pain without relief, filled me with my fears.
Bound by limitations, crying in the rain
Made me honest with myself, honest 'bout my pain.
I no longer want to hide. Won't do that again.
I acknowledge all I feel, my joy and all my pain.

3rd verse
Something now is changing, changing how I see.
All the time I spent in fear taught me how to be.
Dramas and emotions gave me what I need.
Strength of heart and wisdom deep fill me, make me free.
Now I stand upon this world lightning in my hand.
I remember Who I am: a god as sovereign Man!

I am it all!
I am the Power! I have never been small.
I remember Who I am, mighty human grand.
I am the Power. That's who I am.

You are the Power!
You are it all!
You are the Power. You have never been small.
You remember Who you are, greater than a star!
You are the Power!
That's Who you are!

We are the Power! We are It all.
We are the Power!
We have never been small.
We remember Who we are, greater than a star.
We are the Power! That's Who we are!