1. It Must Be You

From the recording I Am The Power

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It Must Be You
By Marvin Glenn – 2020

Who can change your mind and find a better, brighter way?
Who can give your acid tongue a kinder word to say?
Who can love your inner child and heal their hidden scars?
Who can free your blinded eyes to see your shining star?

Who can catch a midnight thought and change it into day?
Who is greater far than any voice of man can say?
Who remembers who you are and follows where that leads?
Who can feel another's pain and move to fill their needs?

It Must Be You. Wonderful you, majestic from the start.
You, yes you, a shining candle in the dark.
Razor-sharp, your honesty can clear away the clouds.
And show the way to all who will that's hidden from the crowd.

Who can look deception in the face and never flinch?
Who can cling to thoughts of love and never give an inch?
Who can drop your victimhood and let it fall away?
Who can claim your inner pow'r and show a better way?

Whose big dreams burn brighter than the furnace of a star?
And who strives to heal within embracing every scar?
Who can show compassion helping others to renew?
Whose perception shows the way to see what's really true?

It Must Be You. Beautiful you, living wisdom from your heart.
You, yes you, creating glory in your art.
Holding visions of new ways to live our lives on earth
Brings to all the joy of life forgotten at our birth.

In all the world search as you will, the only way to
feel the thrill is just to know, to simply know: It Must Be You