From the recording I Am The Power

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Master Our Minds
by Marvin Glenn, February 2022

First Verse
We’re moving into our Power, and focusing our intentions
Leaving our world of drama behind.
Choosing the thinking leading to freedom
Living as grownups, no longer children.
Imagining life, glorious life, life we can love
For now we remember the Greatness we are.
Never again to live as we have lived before
With unruly minds.

Second Verse
In history we were given, so much of the truth was hidden
Leaving us only shadows of time.
Evil agendas so full of deception
mem’ries forgotten, wholly forgotten.
Today we can choose, consciously choose always to live
Avoiding the thinking that makes us unkind
So we can live in Joy knowing the Love we are
And master our mind.

Third Verse
Now, finally we are living while choosing to be forgiving
Cancelling the agreements we made.
We all are creators, immortal creators
With Earth is our playground, magnificent playground.
Envisioning life, glorious life on Mother Earth
For new generations preparing to come
It all depends on us being responsible
To Master Our Minds. l

It matters not what we know. It matters not what we do.
It matters now not at all the things we have done.
Let go of the things we’ve learned. Let go of what may concern.
They’re only our programs, nefarious programs.
The only thing makes us real and helps us to truly heal
And brings us the joy we lost back into our lives
Is simply to see the lies wanting to blind our eyes and
Master Our Minds.