From the recording I Am The Power

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No More A Victim
By Marvin Glenn - 2020

Verse One
Rain may fall and hide the sun but flowers smile and gently sigh
For in their hearts a secret shines and tells the reason why.
Down deep they know the only way for life to flood the scene
Is through sharing love and only love. Co-creation reigns supreme.

Verse Two
Now I see and really know agreements made now run our show.
Without your love behind it all the river could not flow.
Together we create our life and never all alone.
So for me to blame creating shame is simply not the way to grow.

Refrain One
No more will I be playing victim and giving all my pow’r away.
I now embrace the truth of who I am, creating ev’ry day.
So I accept responsibility, the treasure of the free.
I reclaim my awesome majesty and live the truth of me.