From the recording I Am The Power

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By Marvin Glenn
Copyright 2020

First Verse
Signed up for living a life on the sea.
Sounded exciting, a chance to be me.
The day before sailing the crew gathered ‘round.
I chose who I wanted and where we were bound.
With people around me agreements were made;
Some would play sunshine and others play shade.
We knew our true nature eternal and free.
Creators forever we always would be.

Second Verse
Days below sails and nights below stars.
Thrilling adventures though sometimes bizarre
Show me the cycles of rhythm and rhyme
Help me remember the secrets sublime.
Sailing the ocean, a life without walls
Raising my sails and braving the squalls.
Rising and falling while losing my course.
I blame the weather, ignoring the source.

Responsibility (Pg 2)

Verse Three
Soul-level contracts will see us all through
Even though playmates I chose seem untrue.
Now I remember agreements we made:
Some would play sunshine and others play shade.
Creators eternal just having some fun
Acting in dramas while coming undone.
Emotions and feelings, so human so grand
Are just what we wanted when choosing to land.

I am responsible for all my joy and grins.
I am responsible for any mess I’m in.
Others I’m blaming while refusing to see
So Life like a mirror keeps showing me me.
Responsibility, the rock on which I stand.
Responsibility, the power to be grand.
I create my life. Imagination is the key.
I embrace now all of me: Responsibility!