From the recording I Am The Power

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Resting By A River
By Marvin Glenn

Verse One
When I’m resting by a river watching Nature in her flow
I can feel the loving presence of the Mother we all know.
As the light from Her beloved warms the surface of my skin
I can feel the emanations of the Light that shines within.

I return now to my knowing soul and remember who I am.
I raise my eyes and watch an eagle soaring free!
All around me I see the beauty of heaven’s Joy living within me
Raising me to heights where I can see.

As I dwell a while longer in the arms of Mother Earth
It’s so easy to remember my magnificence and worth.
With a power long forgotten and a knowing deep within
I’ll return to daily living filled with Love and Joy again.

Verse Two
Sitting silent in Her presence, in Her rhythm and Her rhyme,
I recall my own awareness to this place outside of time.
In this peaceful, golden moment as I watch the river flow,
Cooling, deep and sacred waters fill the hunger in my Soul.

All the world around me now begins to recede into a dream
Leaving me all alone to simply be.
So forgotten in all my rushing and waiting long to be remembered
Powers of creation call to me.

As I move among the meadows and the mountains of my soul
I remember why I’m living, why I chose to play this role.
I am living in forever, flowing freely in my plan.
Now I see with eyes wide open and remember Who I Am.