1. The Shadow

From the recording I Am The Power

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The Shadow
By Marvin Glenn

You were young and feeling pain and knew not what was true.
Your reaction to the game created me in you.
Shut away within your mind, hidden from your view
I became your wounded child, a shadow part of you.
Like a child I need your love and long to lose my fear.
See me and embrace me now for I am always here.

Own me! Love me! Be the one in charge.
Love me! Use me! Live a life that's large.
Threatening though I may seem, I am just your phantom dream
So face now your dark emotions and great creator
Be all we are!

You feel our power now. It's who we really are.
Reclaim our power now, our love will take us far.
Together we are strong with passion in our song!
We are complete now! Be all we are!